About this event

Charles Rowett, Chief Executive of Yorkshire Cancer Research, is overseeing one of the biggest changes to a regional charity in recent times.

Yorkshire Cancer Research has a long history and strong reputation for research across the region, investigating the causes and treatment of cancer.

However, changing funding streams, changing attitudes towards charitable giving, cutbacks in some vital services and increased competition have created a series of problems that are affecting charities across the UK.

Charles and his team have now successfully repositioned Yorkshire Cancer Research as the cancer charity for Yorkshire, funding its renewed core aims of improving cancer outcomes in the county.

During the evening, Charles will also raise topical questions about the North-South divide in terms of health inequalities and medical research, and question whether we are doing enough to help different communities, ethnic groups or those people living in remote parts of Yorkshire.

Charles will share his thoughts on his previous career, starting as a management trainee with Tetley Tea, through to his international roles and the reasoning behind his move to Yorkshire Cancer Research.

More about Charles Rowett:

Charles has enjoyed a rich and diverse career since graduating from the University of Bradford in the early 1980s.  Starting as a management trainee with Tetley Tea he went on to hold executive positions in a number of major international organisations.  

He has an MBA and has been a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development. His experience includes both general management and HR and has covered various sectors from food manufacturing and logistics to financial services. Charles also ran his own strategy and consulting business for several years.  

The decision to become Chief Executive of Yorkshire Cancer Research has been a completely life-changing move for Charles who recognises that there are significant challenges in the county as cancer outcomes lag behind the rest of England. Since joining in mid-2012, Charles has driven major changes within the charity to focus much more on tackling the unique and complex cancer problems that exist in Yorkshire.

About the evening:

The ticket price includes a 2 course dinner and complementary glass of wine.